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The Miss Piper’s Playroom is a series of therapeutic children’s books by Lynn Louise Wonders.

You can find the entire series HERE on Amazon! 

There will be an entire series of Miss Piper’s Playroom therapeutic children’s books coming out in 2022 and other books in the pipeline helping child and family therapists everywhere with treatment planning, interventions and other topics helpful to those providing child, play and expressive therapies for children and families. Bookmark this page and sign up for weekly resource emails so you’ll be alerted when more books by Lynn Louise Wonders are released.

Miss Piper's Playroom

Miss Piper’s Playroom: A Place for Children to Play, Heal, Grow and Learn 

Miss Piper is a therapist who helps children and their families. Miss Piper has a special playroom where children come to play, heal, grow and learn with Miss Piper’s help. Come and see what Miss Piper has in her playroom and learn what children and their families experience here. Therapists will find this book useful for bibliotherapy with child clients new to therapy services and will also find the For Therapists Section helpful as it provides inspiring ideas for interventions. There is also a Discussion Section for therapists and caregivers to access prompts for discussing the book and the topic of going to therapy with children. This is the first in a series of books by Lynn Louise Wonders to be released one by one during 2021.  $12.99 ORDER HERE



books by Lynn Louise Wonders

Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Wendel With His Worries

Wendel has lots of worries and his worries are so big they are causing him problems at home and at school. Wendel’s mother brings him to see Miss Piper and her playroom because she knows Miss Piper can help him. Child therapists will find this book very helpful with children who have generalized anxiety disorder and there are inspiring interventions provided in the Therapist’s Section along with Discussion prompts. This is the second in the therapeutic children’s book series by Lynn Louise Wonders. $12.99 ORDER HERE



Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Lily With Her Loss

Lily’s father died. Her mother and she are grieving this major loss. Miss Piper welcomes Lily and her mom to the playroom to help Lily’s heavy heart eventually begin to feel lighter. Through playful and creative activities, Miss Piper and Lily explore and work through the process of grief. Child therapists can use this book for bibliotherapy and to introduce certain therapeutic activities to help children who are in therapy dealing with grief and loss. This is the third thereputic children’s book in the series of books by Lynn Louise Wonders. $12.99. ORDER HERE 




Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Danny With His Parents’ Divorce

Danny’s parents are going through a divorce and Danny is going through it too. His family is changing and his parents are arguing and fighting a lot. Danny feels like he’s caught in the middle. When Danny first comes to see Miss Piper in her playroom he is very sad. Through therapy, Miss Piper is able to help Danny and Danny’s parents. This book is a great accompaniment to my guidebook for child therapists called When Parents Are at War but also a good book for therapists to recommend and use with parents and families who are going through divorce and having a hard time getting along. $12.00 ORDER HERE





Miss Piper’s Playroom: ADHDer Aiden and His Superpowers

Aiden has big, bouncy energy and he struggles with transitions.  Aiden’s struggles happen at home, school and with friends. Miss Piper delights in ADHDer Aiden’s SUPER POWERS! She shows Aiden how even super heroes have to sharpen their super powers! Miss Piper supports Aiden in learning how to FUNNEL and FOCUS through a variety of therapeutic games and activities. Miss Piper works together with his teacher, his parents and his doctor who are all there to support Aiden. This book will be helpful for therapists with clients who have ADHD hyperactive type feel validated and encouraged that there are ways to practice helping $12.99 ORDER HERE






Miss Piper’s Playroom: Helping Sal With Social Anxiety

In this book, Sal is a child suffering from social anxiety which shows up as selective mutism and occasional school-refusal. Sal’s feelings are BIG and SCARY and Miss Piper helps Sal to feel her feelings and work through them to experience building toward a new experience in the therapy. Miss Piper uses games, art, playful activities and even a play therapy group to help Sal with social anxiety. Miss Piper also works with Sal’s parents closely as a team. This book is an excellent tool for therapists to use to acquaint children with social anxiety to the process of play therapy and expressive-creative therapies and to inspire various interventions. $12.99 ORDER HERE



Jule’s Move to a New House and a New School

This is a lyrical, rhyming story about a girl named Jule who has moved to a new house and a new school. She is overwhelmed with BIG emotions, fears and anxiety! Her father helps her along with Jorey the Turtle in a book her father reads with her to learn some new tools and skills for facing her fears and self-soothing and nervous system regulation. $12.99 ORDER HERE





Jolie Wants to Go Swimming: A Story About Practicing Patience from the book series called Learning Life Lessons From Nature 

This simple story in limerick-style rhyme introduces a young child named Jolie, her mother and her baby brother on a hot summer day. Jolie’s desire to go swimming is so great she just can’t wait! But her mother needs to get the baby set up safe and sound before Jolie can get into the pool and Jolie is disgruntled. While having to wait, Jolie notices a tiny snail and watches intently, noticing how slowly the snail moves along toward his destination. Jolie’s mother sees Jolie watching the snail and takes the opportunity to notice with her how slow and patient the little snail is. Jolie learns the importance of practicing patience and moving slowly to stay safe. $12.99 ORDER HERE

family too much screen time

Spark and His Screenagains

Co-authored by Mary Affee and Lynn Louise Wonders, this book tells a story from the perspective and voice of the family dog about a family who are on their screens so much of the time they seem to have forgotten about playing with the dog and the other family members. The poor dog, Spark, feels neglected but Spark is smart! Spark finds a way to lure his humans away from their screens outside to play together with him. This book is a wonderful launch-point for awareness and discussion around how much screen-time is just not healthy for humans, their relationships and their family pets. $13.99 ORDER HERE







Sammy Saw Something On the Screen

This book is co-authored by Mary Affee and Lynn Louise Wonders. With children spending so much time on their screens and tablets, more and more children are being exposed to inappropriate adult content on their devices. Frequently, children are left feeling confused and worried about what to do with the intrusive images and their feelings. This simple story helps to create opportunities for conversations with children, caretakers, parents, and counselors about inappropriate exposure and how to improve safety with screen time activities.$13.99 ORDER HERE

Breathe coloring book

BREATHE: A Coloring and Breathing Activity Book

Children and their caring adults can use this beautifully illustrated book to learn a variety of breathing games and activities while also enjoying the relaxing benefits of coloring a collection of beautiful images related to each of the breathing activities. I recommend therapists purchase a copy for inividual clients so they can use this book as their own at home and in session. It’s also great for parents and children to learn and practice breathing games and activities to cultivate mindfulness and the power of the breath.  $12.99 ORDER HERE





When Parents are at War: A therapist's handbook for divorce and familiesWhen Parents Are at War: A Child Therapist’s Guide to Navigating High Conflict Divorce & Custody Cases

All therapists who work with children and families will come across cases with the parents divorcing or previously divorced experiencing high levels of conflict. These cases can be extremely complex and there can be potential hazards mental health professionals need to be aware of and prepared for. This book is a practical guide providing actionable measures mental health professionals can take to properly screen potential cases, establish and observe essential policies and protocols and observe important boundaries in order to preserve the integrity of the child’s therapy and maintain healthy therapeutic relationships with the parents who are at war with one another without being pulled into the middle of the parental conflict. This book also provides specific recommendations with regard to essential self-care as these cases can cause mental and emotional depletion.    $27.99 ORDER HERE 




Encouraging Quotes for Teens & Mandalas for Coloring

Teens can gain encouragement through inspiration quotes, practice mindfulness coloring in mandalas and journal thoughts and feelings in this workbook. Therapists can use this book with clients in session or send home with adolescent clients to practice self-regulation and affirming self esteem concepts. This book also is a wonderful gift for teens on special occasions to encourage adolescents to feel empowered and equipped for facing the challenges of life. This is the first in a coming series of books by Lynn Louise Wonders to help teens with self esteem and mindfulness practice.     $8.99 ORDER HERE.  




Rumi Quotes and Mandalas for Coloring

Be inspired and practice mindfulness while contemplating the wisdom of the great poet Rumi while coloring the mandala designs created by Lynn Louise Wonders.    $8.99 ORDER HERE