Authentic & Effective Marketing for Mental Health Business


I started my Facebook Community in 2014 with the title for the group and emphasis on GROWING a private practice serving the needs of children and families providing play therapy services. Marketing for mental health was a topic I had identified needed special support and attention.

Growing a career is a process. A process that requires nurturing, love, time and thoughtful attention. And effective marketing with authenticity is key.

We never anticipated a pandemic would come along and up-end our the businesses we worked so hard to grow.

Many never imagined we’d be doing tele-health with clients. Some therapists are succeeding with tele-health easily and others are struggling with negative economic impact.

If you are one who needs to build your client-base or find other creative ways to build your business, there are a number of steps that you’ll need to take.

Marketing your services and products is one of them. And that’s a process that has to be handled thoughtfully in the field of mental health.

Marketing for mental health services must be relationship based. And relationships must be authentically formed.

Over the many years I’ve been in this field I have noticed some trends when it comes to marketing and one recent trend that worries me a little bit.

Mental health professionals often go to one of two extremes when it comes to marketing services.

There are those mental health professionals who run away from the idea of marketing because they dread the thought of being or seeming “salesy.”

Then, there are those who seek to learn, sign up for business coaching from people who have learned from other people who learned from those online business gurus who teach something that is called THE SALES FUNNEL and variations of that. Nothing wrong with that! I’ve studied that in depth, myself!

But…there’s a problem with the online business marketing models being taught.

The problem with learning online marketing from the business coaches who learned from those who learned from the online business gurus is that all those online business coaches and gurus are not mental health professionals and they are not familiar with the nature of our communities, our ethics, our communities and our “markets.”

I know this because I studied with all those online business gurus in 2013 and 2014 and I hired those online business coaches. Wonderful people who are are really good at what they do… but there is a huge difference between the way the think and see the world and the way we think and see the world as mental health professionals.

That difference in mind-set and perspective and the fact that we have been immersed in practicing from a professional ethics code whereas online business and coaching industries do not have any official professional ethics code. Marketing for mental health effectively is a very different process.

So, the way they are teaching people how to market services doesn’t fit well with the way we are wired as mental health professionals. And yet we are seeing some of our colleagues in the mental health profession using these methods of marketing and it’s causing some discomfort and cognitive dissonance.

When I attended live masterminds with online business coaches and when I signed up for expensive business coaching I tried to explain this to my coaches to no avail. Because they just couldn’t get where I was coming from.

But I know you get it. You’re a mental health professional.

You likely understand that marketing your mental health related services (clinical services, training services, supervision services, or products you have developed for other therapists) has to be handled in a way that is AUTHENTIC and TRANSPARENT in order to align with your integrity as a professional.

AND…. you may not know how to do that.

I’d like to teach you what has worked for me.

I have a track record that has proven itself. I have authentic relationships with a network of therapists all around the world that is real and solid. AND I’ve been able to help therapists all around the world build thriving private practices by using the steps I have taught in 12 week mastermind courses and in the Play Therapy Practice Building Academy that Jen Taylor and I created.

So, I created a mini marketing class for mental health professionals.

In this class you’ll learn my method of authentic, organic marketing techniques to get your business up and running during this time of pandemic and beyond.