CranioSacral Therapy Sessions
with Shawna Brodie-Butson LMBT, CST

“Chaotic modern day living can substantially drain us…but we can replenish our vitality
with regular self-care. I invite you to step away from life’s hurried pace and carve out an
hour for your own well-being. As an experienced touch therapist, I can help you connect
with peace, stillness, and the healing power within you.” – Shawna

“Refresh your Life from the Inside Out”


CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on therapy that amplifies your body’s natural
healing response to help unwind tension, relieve pain, and expand health on all levels.
CranioSacral uniquely creates positive change from the inside out, and offers a remedy for
stress and depletion. Your body’s own healing priorities direct each session, with a goal to
free pent-up energy (tension), re-boot the nervous system, improve function, and guide
your body-mind to a balanced state of calm and relaxation.

Shawna will be at Wonders Wellness Center Seeing Clients:

Thursday 11/6
Sundays 11/9, 11/30, 12/7, 12/21

Sliding Scale Fee: Recommended 75 minute session: $75 – $100

Schedule your session SOON! Available slots will fill.

Email or call Shawna directly: OR 678.457.7727

Lynn Louise Wonders personally endorses Shawna’s Work…

“I have been seeing Shawna for CranioSacral for the past three years. My experience has
been so profound that I find I no longer need massage. Shawna’s gifted touch takes my
mind and body to such a deep state of relaxation. I consistently come away from CST
sessions feeling in balance and at ease; often with relief from physical or mental
discomforts that I went into session with. I have sent family members for her CST work,
and receive regular reports of healing, balance and relief. Shawna has also provided CST
for some of my psychotherapy clients and my yoga and meditation students. I am always
interested to see the change in their relationship to emotions and life-challenges after
having CST. CST is a powerful experience and I highly recommend it.”