Adolescent stress and anxiety is a serious matter. Teenagers are under more pressure than ever. We see this with our clients every day and we are here to help.

Leigh Swanson, LPC will be launching the Adolescent Stress and Anxiety Reduction Group to begin January 16, 2016 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm every Saturday for 11 weeks.

Leigh is offering this group as a stress inoculation group to teach teens how to shift their relationship with these natural and normal feelings to a more accepting position.

This group will incorporate mindfulness, education and other evidence-based strategies to help them recognize their thoughts and feelings that support anxiety. It will also include creative and expressive interventions (art, cinematherapy, and more) for fun and relationship building.

This is a small group of 8th – 12th graders so that the participants and therapists have an opportunity to connect deeply and experience profound support and gain life-long coping skills.

The fee is $45.00 a session with one individual session with parents to orient to group.

 Groups will be held at Wonders Counseling in East Cobb/Roswell.

Space is limited!

Call Leigh directly for more information at 404-436-1028 or you can email