About Distance Counseling

About Distance Counseling. . .

Using  a HIPAA compliant video conference platform distance counseling sessions are available for clients who have residence in the state of Georgia. There are advantages and disadvantages to this kind of therapy and it is a matter of comfort-level of the client. 

Why Distance Counseling?

In this electronic age we now have technology that assists people in connecting and receiving support services without having to meet in person.

Trained in distance counseling and tele-mental health, I  provide therapy for clients with residence in the state of Georgia or living outside of the United States where licensing laws allow for me to provide services to international clients.

Reasons to choose distance counseling:

  • My services are unique and specialized and may not be provided by another qualified therapist where you live but it may be too far to drive to attend in-person sessions.
  • Inability to leave your house due to a health issue or other issues need not stop you from receiving counseling support.
  • Easier scheduling. It can be challenging for our schedules to match up for an in-person session but a distance session can work for both of us.
  • Distance counseling is more convenient that driving in the metro Atlanta traffic or having to arrange for child-care.
  • Distance counseling is more affordable for you. I discount my online counseling services because the more clients I see via distance counseling the less my own professional over-head expenses are such as rent, utilities, etc. So, I pass that savings onto you as a distance counseling client.

The Benefits of Distance Counseling

  • The greatest advantage of online counseling is the convenience. Traditional therapy requires clients come to see me at my office. Sometimes it can be difficult for clients to find way to sync their schedule with mine in order to see me in person. Although an in person therapy session only lasts 50 minutes, the total time may for a client to travel to see me and return to home or work with traffic sometimes may be two hours.
  • Online counseling takes place in the comfort of one’s own home on one’s own schedule. With wireless technology, online counseling can take place just about anywhere although I have a policy that clients agree to access their confidential distance sessions with me from a secure setting and a secure internet connection in order to ensure privacy.
  • Online counseling is generally less expensive than traditional in-person face-to-face counseling.
  • Another significant advantage of online counseling is heightened privacy. There is no risk of running into people you know in a waiting room or entering my offices when we have an online session.
  • Individuals who are extremely introverted, have social anxiety or transportation limitations can comfortably access therapeutic intervention via distance counseling.

Potential Challenges of Distance Counseling

  • Distance counseling sometimes lacks the visual cues and clues such as posture, gestures and facial expressions which often provide a great deal of information and contribute to connection.
  • Distance counseling requires a digital device and internet access in a private location which may be challenging for some people to access. 
  • Distance counseling services require payment in advance.
  • Distance counseling is not ideal for addressing certain severe mental health issues.

Get Started

Clearly, distance counseling can be a useful therapeutic resource for some people. It is a service that is now being utilized by many clients. As people’s lives are often complex and harried, the need for distance counseling is more and more in demand. The many benefits of distance counseling make it a very appealing alternative to traditional therapy.

Get Started by contacting me directly! Let’s discuss if this is a good fit for you!