Office of Wonders Counseling Services, counselor in Marietta GA

About You. . .

Thank you so much for visiting this site!  You have come to the right place.

You are likely an individual seeking a holistic approach to growth and change for yourself, your life, your relationships and your career as you understand all these are connected.

You are likely seeking support that will focus on the possibilities, the potential and the positive  based in techniques that are founded in effective methods.

I imagine that you like to see and feel the results and progress you are making, and you want to work with someone who knows how to help you get those results. Wonders Counseling & Consulting has a host of services and programs that will be able to meet your needs.


Office of Wonders Counseling Services, counselor in Marietta GA

About the Company. . .

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The Vision. . .

The vision for Wonders Counseling & Consultation is to prepare, guide, train and empower people personally and professionally to grow through and beyond challenges in order to achieve a sense of true fulfillment in connections with self, others and the world around them.

The Mission. . .

Founded in 2012, Wonders Counseling, LLC (DBA Wonders Counseling & Consulting) is dedicated to providing professional support services throughout the United States and around the globe training and supporting people to achieve a thriving, fulfilling life and career. The company was founded on a strong belief in using a holistic approach to helping people believing it is most effective to understand the interconnection of the whole of each person, organizations and society. Wonders Counseling & Consulting meets people where they are and sees individuals as a whole being in need of support and growth. 



Office of Wonders Counseling Services, counselor in Marietta GA

More history and details

Wonders Counseling Services, LLC was founded in 2012 after Lynn Louise Wonders sold her full-size, thriving group practice she founded in 2007 in order to move away from managing the large clinical practice and create a more boutique-style, holistic-based private practice. Lynn founded and ran an adjacent holistic wellness center from 2013 – 2018 providing yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and holistic wellness classes and consultation contracting with a number of certified and licensed practitioners.

Lynn was an Experienced-Registered and Certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor for many years blending mind-body-breath awareness and practice with holistic psychotherapy services for all ages with a focus on children and families. The company is rooted in this rich history and remains dedicated to a holistic perspective in supporting people and the greater community.

Office of Wonders Counseling Services, counselor in Marietta GA

As Lynn’s vision continued to evolve, she was increasingly being invited to lead continuing education training at conferences and for various large mental health care divisions of hospitals and other institutions as well as a rapidly growing number of career building consultation requests from therapists. Lynn has published articles frequently and has been asked to serve as early childhood specialist for a national child development corporation in 2013 and served as national spokesperson for this organization on a campaign to support working parents of young children in 2018.

She launched an online community and training platform for therapists wanting to build a career in play therapy that grew to over 5000 regular members by 2018. By then there were more and more requests for business building and case consultation support coming in every week.

In 2017 Lynn stopped accepting new therapy clients temporarily to give time to begin the process of reducing her counseling case load to make time and space for more writing, training and consultation work with professionals. In 2019 she published her first book in support of child therapists providing services for families going through high conflict divorce and custody. She continues to train therapists and provide professional consultation to therapists on this topic nationwide, traveling extensively to do so.

Wonders Counseling Services, LLC expanded to include Wonders Counseling & Consulting in 2018 and is now serves the needs of therapists and helping professionals working with children and families, needing support in building and expanding the business of private practice in the field of play therapy.

Lynn retains her license as a professional counselor and continues to provide clinical counseling clients throughout Georgia via telehealth and once the risks of the current COVID19 pandemic are past, she will be opening a new unique counseling practice in Blue Ridge, Georgia that will incorporate professional counseling for couples, families and individuals with an appreciation for the healing properties of Nature in a beautiful mountain setting. 


Wonders Counseling & Consulting Contracts a Team of Support. . .


Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS


Lynn holds a masters degree in psychology and professional counseling completed in 2003, fully licensed as a professional counselor in 2007, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) since 2010, an APT Approved Provider (#12-321) of continuing play therapy education for therapists and was certified as a professional counselor supervisor in 2013.  


Lynn began providing clinical supervision and consultation to therapists nationwide in 2010. In 2011 Lynn completed the Association for Play Therapy Leadership Academy. She leads a large, thriving online community for child & family therapists and certified coaches from all over the world who are growing and developing their mental health and coaching careers working with children and families.


Lynn’s career as a therapist began working with preschool age children and their families using play-based interventions along with training for preschool teachers and parents. From there, she founded two group counseling practices, a yoga studio and a wellness center providing holistic support services to the local community.


While in private practice since 2007 she dedicated much of her professional time to helping therapists develop their careers in private practice. She now serves as a professional mentor, supervisor, consultant and continuing education trainer for therapists and coaches who support children & families.



In 2016 Lynn received training in a small group setting and then in a larger format both with Jack Canfield, former psychotherapist and original co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles. She is certified as a Canfield Success Principles Coach & Trainer. Much of what she has learned from Mr. Canfield into her business coaching and consultation services for therapists and other helping professionals. As  part of her own self care, Lynn has long, extensive training and years of teaching and practicing yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and relaxation therapies over a 20+ year span. Her holistic mind-body awareness approach informs all of her work.  Lynn has served as the Early Childhood Specialist for Primrose Schools since 2009 and contributes regularly to the popular Primrose Parenting Blog.  


Michelle Coe – Website and Technology Manager

Michelle Coe is Creative Director and Owner, BlueSkyPhoenix LLC with over 20 years of experience providing elegant design solutions for small to mid-size businesses. Since founding BlueSkyPhoenix LLC in 2011, she has created and deployed more than 100 websites, designed 70+ logos, and created countless other designs for her clients’ digital and print needs.  As creative director and liaison between her clients and the developers and software engineers she works with, she translates the technical into the understandable.
Michelle designed this website and provides all of Lynn’s web-based support services. With experience in business, brand & marketing strategy design, project management, event coordination, and instruction, Michelle easily relates and adapts to meet needs of Wonders Counseling Services and all of her clients, who hail from all over the United States. She has been invited to speak at regional events on the topic of entrepreneurialism and has recently committed to creating a series of instructional videos to assist fledgling startups on their path to launch. Michelle currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce and is the Co-chair of the Fauquier Chamber Micro Enterprise Council. www.blueskyphoenix.com