I receive requests for recommendations on books that will help children through the process of adjusting and healing when their parents are going through the process of divorce. I decided to create a post here on the blog as a go-to list of my favorite children’s books about divorce with links that will take you directly to Amazon to purchase the ones you may choose to order.

Books are helpful because they provide relatable characters and stories that help children find words to explain how they feel, to not feel so alone and to have hope that things will get easier and better with time. This list of children’s books about divorce are in my own play therapy library and I recommend these for any therapist building a library or parents in need of resources

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A List of Children’s Books About Divorce

Two Homes helps young children to see an example of how a child can have two homes that have difference but also both have similarities where the child will have all the important things and experiences he needs.

When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends helps children relate to the changing nature of their parents’ relationship and the conflicts that often occur between divorcing parents.

Divorce is Not the End of the World  is a book written BY kids FOR kids who are school-age and it helps children to feel hope and encouragement that while a family’s divorce is tough, it can and will get better. It encourages children to know there are things they can do along the way to get through the tough times.

Dinosaurs Divorce is a story that children can relate to, helping them to not feel alone and to have hope.

Was it the Chocolate Pudding? is a book that helps children to know that their parents’ decision to divorce is not their fault.

I Don’t Want to Talk About it is a great book to help children who are having all kinds of feelings they don’t want to verbalize.

Why Do Families Change? is a good book for children who are confused and asking why when the family is going through divorce.

Family Changes explains to children the process of divorce with colorful, appealing illustrations.

A Kids Divorce Workbook allows children to work through fun activities to identify how they are feeling and come up with coping skills for the divorce process.

Do you have a list of children’s books about divorce additional to this list you’d like to share? Please comment below any other recommendations you have of books that support children through divorce.