Luci and yellow butterflyLuci’s Yellow Butterfly is a children’s book about adoption from a puppy’s perspective written by Cindy Hammonds who participated in my 2022 Children’s Book Writing Circle! This is a heart-warming, lilting, rhyming book about a sweet pup who is the last of her litter to be chosen. A yellow butterfly represents a sign of hope and sure enough Luci’s perfect new human comes along to adopt her in perfect timing.

A children’s book about adoption!

November is national adoption month! National Adoption Month is about bringing awareness and encouragement to others to learn about and celebrate adoption, better understanding how many people are impacted by adoption. National Adoption Month seeks to celebrate families who have grown through adoption, and to recognize there are still many children waiting for their forever families. Author Cindy Hammonds has purposefully published this book now to honor the focus of national adoption month. A children’s book about adoption is a wonderful resource to have on hand.

In the field of child and family therapy, most therapists utilize various forms of play therapy to support the children and families affected by adoption. Many families will benefit from reading a children’s book about adoption.. Luci’s Yellow Butterfly is an excellent addition to a therapist’s bibliotherapy library! When working with children still in the foster care system, waiting for their forever homes or children who have been adopted as they work through adjustments or issues of identity, this book is a great starting point for hope-based conversation to help children and families not feel so alone wherever they are in their process.

Cindy HammondsCindy Hammonds, LPC-S, RPT-S is the owner of Hand in Hand Counseling where she has specialized in EMDR, sand tray therapy and play therapy since 1997 supporting children and families experiencing issues related to trauma, grief and adoption. She lives in Texas with her husband of 51 years, her 8 children and their spouses and 16 grandchildren. She can’t imagine ever retiring because she loves her work so much!

As I worked with Cindy throughout her process of creating, writing and publishing this book I can attest that her heart is certainly the size of her home state of Texas and all of her heart went into the creation of this story.  Little Luci in the book is inspired by her own beloved pup names Luci in real life and their loving journey of adoption together.

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