90 Day Mentoring Master Mind Group

You are a Therapist and you are ready to . . .

Build, Grow or Expand your Business!

90 days of up-close guidance and professional mentoring

Starts October 1, 2018

Join me along with a small group of therapists growing a private practice for 90 Days of professional development training and mentoring focused on helping you dig in to grow your dream business.

Learn from someone who has a long track record of success in the business of psychotherapy and wellness.

I’m Lynn Louise Wonders. I’m a licensed professional counselor, certified professional counselor supervisor, registered play therapist-supervisor, master mentor and Jack Canfield Certified Trainer and Success Coach.  

I have years of experience in building successful business for myself and many others.

I have been a clinician, a director, a supervisor and I have a knack for the art of authentic marketing and networking to build business.

I would like to teach you what I know and help you create your dream business.

This master mind group will consist of the following:

♦ Membership to a private, special Facebook group where you will find daily inspiration, tips, and resources specific to YOUR business and daily discussion.

♦ Business Training! All the stuff nobody taught us in grad school! Weekly training and discussion on various important topics.

♦ My eyes on your business and my 15+ years of professional experience and success in building successful businesses of my own.

♦ Weekly group live round-table conference gatherings over video conference (or just audio if you don’t want to be on camera) where you will get to discuss your business building questions and quandaries with me and the rest of our group.

♦ Laser specific goal setting along with targeted actions to assist you in achieving measurable forward progress.

So, what will the 90 days look like?

Over 90 days I will be posting or live streaming daily in our private Facebook group.

You can come in live and interact with me in real time OR you can go in at your leisure, when you have time and post questions and participate in discussions at your own pace.

I provide in-depth exercises to help you dig in and determine what are your deepest desires for your private practice and I will help you get there.

You will be led through a special step-by step process of learning how to manage your time and energy and create an actionable business plan based on my years of success in business as a therapist and borrowing from my previous careers in higher education and professional writing and sales.

I will look at your website and your current business plan/model and help you to tweak, expand, grow and improve to get you from where you are (point A) to where you want to be (point B) with your practice.

I will teach you how to sell your services without being or feeling “salesy.” I will show you how to effectively market through authentic relationship building and savvy online presence.

I provide training on business planning, mind-set, marketing, systems, client-relationships, community networking, and everything else related to creating and running a very successful private practice.

Once each week (days and times to be determined) we will gather as a group over teleconference LIVE to dig in and discuss your business questions and develop a plan with specific goals and action plans.

Here’s what alumni of past Master Mind groups are saying:

Lynn has created an amazing program and you will feel completely supported as you navigate from where you are to where you want to be in your private practice. There is no topic you can’t explore and if need be, Lynn goes out of her way to get you what you need. So grateful I signed up and I believe anyone who does so will be also!

Laura L. Langston


If you are an established clinician in your practice and have years of experience and are wondering if you could benefit from a mastermind class – the answer is definitely yes. I am a very well established long-term therapist with a full client schedule and yet I found immense benefit in joining this mastermind group. Very motivating and helps with accountability for the business side of the work.

Sandra Kerns


The mastermind experience definitely changed me and my practice. I am oficially a group practice, hired two associates last month and might be looking at a third one due to the high demand. Never in a million years thought i would be here. I updated my website following some of Lynn’s tips.

Julia Caruna


I can’t say enough about all the value it has offered. I feel like I have been able to gain so much clarity and direction as I set off on the adventure of building a private practice. Not only do you get individual guidance and attention, you also get to hear from colleagues and learn from their experiences. I’m so glad I made this investment.

Marissa Ezell


This mastermind has been an amazing experience and launched me into my own private practice with the right skills, mindset, and confidence I need. I would recommend it to anyone needing that extra push to get up and running!

Heather Kalopek


If you need clear direction with your business planning Lynn’s mastermind will help you move in whatever direction is your goal.  Her gentle encouragement is matched with realistic and practical feedback for you to really dig in and examine any barriers that may be in your way.  She goes above and beyond with sharing tons of information and providing individualized support in addition to a lively group format where you can learn from others just as much as Lynn provides direction and guidance.  If you are at all considering participating, take the jump, and invest in yourself as well as your business!  You won’t regret it even if you don’t accomplish all your plans while doing the mastermind you will leave with a great start to continue after the group comes to a close.  Lynn even offers further support after the  group ends with a variety of other services you can purchase and utilize.

Alyssa Caldbeck


This Mastermind Group has been very useful to me! I started in a place of panic and fear, completely overwhelmed with the thought of branching out on my own. Lynn gives useful exercises and has been very attentive to my progress. Like with anything, you get what you put into it. I decided to complete every exercise and I am happy to say that I am launching full force this week.

Meyleen Velasquez Aguilla


This group has been amazing. It has absolutely helped me clarify my goals and give me the tools I need to proceed toward my ideal practice with confidence. I feel that mentally I have made great strides. There is a LOT of support, no matter where you are in “getting there” (my timetable is different than some others), and has given me clarity to see how things CAN be, and tools to make it happen.

Sarah Stein-Wolf


It has been an AMAZING experience!!! I am feeling more authentic, driven and ready for GROWTH than ever before! Thank you Lynn Louise Wonders and fellow Mastermind peeps!

Megan Meyerhoffer


If anyone is even slightly interested in the 90 day Mastermind, do not hesitate, just jump in and do it! I promise you will not regret it! Don’t get stuck where you are. This group has been phenomenal. Lynn offers expertise and support you won’t find with anyone else.

Andrea Crafton


Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Lynn Louise Wonders– your business plan system totally works! (after 3 revisions) My website is live, ive sent out my first newsletter to prior clients, and NC has approved me as a PLLC!! I love the vision and direction this MasterMind has provided me.

Michelle Tollison


Want a Seat?

Normally a seat in a master mind group like this with this level of attention and mentoring would cost thousands of dollars. But I believe in helping therapists at rates that are reasonable and affordable.

I have one requirement for all MasterMind participants:  I only want to work with you if you are truly committed.

Please do NOT sign up for this MasterMind if you are not ready to roll up your sleeves, show up for yourself and do the work. If you are not committed, this program is not for you.

If you ARE really ready to receive training and mentoring that is ACTIONABLE and you are ready to see your business and life shift in wonderful ways, then please consider joining me and sign up for this program. There are a very limited number of seats in this circle. I only work with therapists who are absolutely committed to participating in this master mind because commitment is necessary in order to determine where you want your private practice to be and to then follow a plan to get there.

An investment in your business requires a commitment. And a commitment requires an investment. 90 days of live up-close-and-personal group mentoring will amount to 60 hours of my professional time with you as a small group.

The fee for this mentoring program is $497.

And your return on that investment will be personalized assistance in helping you build the private practice of your dreams. There will be no refunds. Your payment is your commitment to yourself and your business and my commitment to you and your business. A financial investment is your commitment to your business.


Commit to taking your private practice to the next level!

Reserve your seat here

  1. You can either make your full investment using the button below OR contact Lynn for the early bird payment plan at lynn@wonderscounseling.com. PLEASE NOTE there will be no refunds so be certain of your commitment before you pay! Once you pay in full or begin making payments, you are making a commitment to yourself and your business. I am making a commitment to you and your business. I’m going to help you get your private practice where you want it to be.
  2. Send an email to lynn@wonderscounseling.com to complete your registration. You will receive a welcome packet including access to our exclusive Facebook group and your orientation materials.