Permission to Pivot ™ 8 Week MasterMind

Permission to Pivot

An 8 Week LIVE Mental Health BUSINESS MasterMind

for Experienced Child and Family Therapists who Want to GROW and Expand 

8 weeks of business development training, personalized guidance, inspiration and professional mentoring

July 1 – August 26, 2024

Permission to Pivot™ is a concept I developed through my own journey of career evolution.

The ability to roll with the changes of life both, personal and professional…

The ability to know when and how to SHIFT, to PIVOT. . .

is EVERYTHING when it comes to creating and sustaining a successful career.

Especially in mental health! 

Let’s face it.

The professional field of mental health has CHANGED.

Private practice is not what it used to be since the pandemic.

AND there are so many MORE ways to expand and create new pathways for your career now.

But you have to give yourself PERMISSION to make the necessary changes to have the life and career you long for.

And once you give yourself that permission, you need TOOLS and SUPPORT for what to do next.

It’s one thing to create a vision for what you want.

And it’s an important step that can’t be skipped over.

But, you need specific tools and ongoing support for how to move forward

and create the life and career you want for yourself beyond the initial inspiration.



The professional arena of mental health has changed drastically since 2020.

Creating a healthy and successful career you can sustain requires

some new information and some new tools.

Join me along with a small group of child and family therapists who, like you, are growing their CAREERS

in mental health at a time when the mental health business realm is rapidly changing. 

Do you want to expand your private practice to go beyond 1:1 client sessions?

Do you want to write and publish a scholarly chapter or an entire book?

Would you like to create your own CE training course?

Maybe you want to explore how to succeed with a group practice in these changing times? 

Want to learn how to blend a dedicated self-care practice into the success of your business?

Want to create passive and recurring streams of income?

Do you want to feel confident that you are making a meaningful impact?

You can do it.

You just have to give yourself PERMISSION TO PIVOT® 

Be a part of this 2-month Summer mastermind where we’ll:

  • Develop a whole new level of mastery and authentic confidence with your work and how it impacts those you work with
  • Ensure you’re growing a business that represents what you are most passionate about and driven to do
  • Create a launch-pad into the fall  of 2024 with a schedule that works for you, creative projects, growing your influence, and creating the content + designing METHODS and a PLAN that will take your career to the next level

This small group is for:

  • Experienced child and family therapists who are willing to break the mold and step out of the traditional therapy practice framework
  • Creative minds, adventurers, passionate professionals, wayfinders and change-makers who are passionate about contributing to and creating a world of work worth being a part of

What to Expect?

  • 90-minute round table over Zoom July 1st 9:00am EASTERN time zone
  • Weekly 1-hour group calls Mondays 9:00am EASTERN time zone
  • TWO 1-hour private call with just you and me just us (one in July and one in August)
  • Text messaging (texting OR audio) support in between weekly calls
  • Daily inspiration posts in our private Facebook group daily. You can come in and post questions and participate in discussions at your own pace.
  • On-demand access to my robust time management program called Time is On Your Side
  • On-demand access to a full library of short, digestable training videos on a WIDE variety of business-building and business-related topics
  • Loads of resources from EXPERTS in business development and mental health
  • Downloadable maps, graphics, guides and worksheets to keep your business on track for sustainable success
  • WEEKLY EXERCISES AND ACTIVITIES. I provide in-depth exercises to help you dig in and determine what are your deepest desires for your private practice and I will help you get there.
  • I will teach you how to sell your services and products without being or feeling “salesy.”
  • I will show you how to effectively market through authentic relationship building and savvy online presence.
  • I provide training on business planning, mind-set, marketing, systems, client-relationships, community networking.
  • I will teach you how to use mindfulness-based practices intertwined with your intuition to feed your CREATIVITY and keep your momentum and mindset alive and well.

Runs July 1 through August 30. 

Maximum 10 people. 

Investment: $2500

Give yourself Permission to Pivotand sign up for 8 weeks of professional development training and mentoring focused on helping you dig in to grow your child and family therapy career in the face of all the changes to the field of mental health since that pandemic that brought all of us to new realities beginning in 2020.

Learn from someone who has a long track record of success in the business of mental health and someone who KNOWS how to PIVOT, SHIFT, and ROLL WITH THE CHANGES!

But Who am I to Teach You and Help You?

I’m Lynn Louise Wonders. I’m a licensed professional counselor, certified professional counselor supervisor, registered play therapist-supervisor, consultant, mentor and Jack Canfield Certified Trainer and Success Coach. I have trained with Marie Forleo and I am a Martha Beck Wayfinder coach, the founder of The Mindfulness-based Therapy Training Institute® launched in 2024 and an author of multiple mental health related publications. 

I have over 20 years of experience in building MULTIPLE successful mental health related businesses for myself and many others.

I am a published author of multiple children’s books, self-help books, academic chapters and editor of two clinical and academic texts.

I have been a clinician, a director, a supervisor, a consultant, a creative, a muse to others’ creative processes… and I have a knack for the art of authentic marketing and networking to build business.

And most importantly, I am a CREATIVE who utilizes the POWER of mindfulness-based practices + intuition + passion to make things happen. Again and again.

I would like to teach you what I know and help you create your dream career in the field of mental health.

This Permission to Pivot mastermind will consist of the following:

♦ Membership in a private, special Facebook group where you will find daily opportunities for discussion, inspiration, tips, and resources specific to YOUR business and daily discussion.

♦ Business Training and TIME MANAGEMENT training! All the stuff nobody taught us in grad school!  (authentic networking and marketing, bookkeeping and money management, writing a business plan, keeping up with technology and new ways of working, time management) AND all of this training is NEW in light of all the changes in our world and the field of mental health.

♦ A collaborative and friendly audit of your existing business – Together we will look at what you have that is working and what needs to be upgraded or improved. 

♦ One LIVE round-table conference gathering WEEKLY on Mondays July 1 through August 26 9 am EASTERN time zone over Zoom where you will get to discuss your business building questions and quandaries with me and the rest of our group PLUS TWO private one-on-one coaching sessions with me.

♦ Laser specific goal setting along with targeted actions to assist you in achieving measurable forward progress.




Want to talk with me about this? Contact me directly. Email me or text me 404-455-5805.

I want to explore with you if this mastermind will be a good fit for you!

Ready to go ahead and Grab a Spot? Let’s go!

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Invest in Your Expanded Business!
By choosing to pay your first monthly installment of $700 you are agreeing to pay three more monthly installments the following three months. Refunds are not available as this is a financial commitment to one of only ten spaces in this mastermind. By enrolling you are making a commitment to yourself, your business, your calendar and to Lynn Louise Wonders and this group. If you are unable to attend live sessions you will receive access to the recordings and to all the materials during the mastermind and for 6 months after the mastermind concludes.