mindfulness gamesThe practice of being present with full attention is one we all will benefit from. When we are working with children it can be helpful to have some play-based ways of introducing and reinforcing mindfulness skills. I offer a 2 hour recorded training for therapists called Mindfulness Techniques in Play Therapy that introduces in depth the theory and practice of mindfulness for the therapist as well as a multitude of interventions that can be used in the therapy room. Since recording that training, I’ve discovered some additional resources when looking for mindfulness games for children and teens.  With my own mindfulness and meditation practice that began when I was 2 years out of college at age 24, I learned how incredibly valuable to my life, relationships and wellbeing it is to have a practice with specific skills in order to feel connected to self, others and the planet. I began teaching mindfulness meditation to adults when I was 28 and after completing graduate school I began teaching mindfulness to preschoolers using play-based activities.   25 years later I’m now thrilled to see so  many therapists parents and school counselors actively engaging with mindfulness practice and eager to share with children. (Some of the links are affiliate partner links. If you should decide to make a purchase your cost is the same and we receive some commission). 1. 

5 Mindfulness Games for Children & Teens


When I was preparing to present  one of my more recent play therapy webinar trainings I came across a new game that I’m now recommending for therapists, school counselors, teachers and parents. It’s most appropriately called The Mindfulness Game and it is a fun and practical skill building card game containing a variety of playful activities to help children, teens and adults feel grounded, find calm, improve focus and reach a relaxed state of mind and body. Developed by teachers, this game actually teaches practical skills for coping, self soothing and regulating.


Mindfulness for Kids: 30 Fun Activities to Stay Calm, Happy, and In Control is a biblio-resource that every therapist, teacher and parent will want to have within reach to spark ideas for playfully helping children build those all important emotion regulation skills and increase focus.  I highly recommend this resource.


At Play Therapy Supply you can find the Mindfulness Thumball which can help you connect and reflect with children and teens while sparking interactive conversation with prompts such as “How to let go of an unhelpful thought,” or “Power of positive thinking.’


I absolutely LOVE the Ultimate Dot to Dot: Extreme Puzzle Challenge! This one is for older children, teens and even adults who appreciate the challenge. You will become so absorbed in the present moment with this connecting dots game which will eventually magically reveal pictures of all sorts of animals.  There is something incredibly meditative about a challenging dot to dot game! Soothing, relaxing and rewarding.


This game is wonderful for working with teens. It’s called the Totem the feel good game, Self-Esteem Game for Counseling, Team Building and Family. Using the symbology of the animal totem from Native American culture, this game allows teens an opportunity to explore, express and experience their many personality facets, increase self awareness, appreciate for self and others and enhance relationship connections.

Facilitating experiences for children and teens through mindfulness games can bring about so many positive development opportunities while teaching life skills for connecting to self, aligning mind’s focus with body’s experience of feeling grounded and calm. Check out my 2 hour recorded training for NBCC and APT credit called Mindfulness Techniques in Play Therapy and contact me if you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss more in depth how to bring mindfulness into a child’s life and experience.