3 steps to make life happen with Goal setting and an action plan

Image by Alexa from Pixabay

It’s that time of year again. We are bringing one year to a close soon and as we pull up to the brink of a new year with new hope we start dreaming of the life we want in the new year. Dreaming of what you want for your life and career is an important first step. Having a clear vision and a felt-sense of what you want in life is crucial so that you can know what you’re aiming for. But dreaming is not enough. In order to make life happen the way you want it to be, you have to set goals and make a commitment to take the required action.

Often, people live their lives as if they are a boat drifting on the ocean, allowing the winds and tide decide where they end up rather than setting a clear destination and course to follow.Setting goals sets your course, provides clear direction, something to aim toward with purpose.  (There are affiliate links included in this article. If you should make a purchase from any of those links we will receive a small commission)

Don’t Drift Aimlessly. Make Life Happen. Set Goals. Make a Plan.

In my work mentoring and coaching therapists and other helping professionals in creating their ideal private practice I’ve noticed that the most common road block is mindset. Everyone is wired with thoughts and beliefs often lurking in the unconscious. It can be helpful to see a psychotherapist or a neurofeedback doctor to restructure some of those patterns of thinking because deep-seated beliefs you may not be aware of are often the ones running the show.

You can go along way with challenging those beliefs through a process called “The Work”  as explained by the great master of mindset Byron Katie. This book can teaches a powerful process to help you go beyond limiting beliefs and expand into what’s actually true and possible.

But what if you don’t know what you want ?Getting a clear picture in your mind of how you want your life and career to unfold often begins with first identifying how you want to FEEL in your life and career first. I love the work of Danielle LaPorte and this audio recording changed the course of my own life and career five years ago. In The Desire Map Experience, Danielle shares a process that you’ll use to transform the way you relate to every aspect of your life. If you truly want to make life happen rather than stay adrift you need to dig deep and feel into what life ideally will feel like when you get there. Danielle’s system is not about  time-budgeting or making yet another list to stick on the fridge. She helps you get super clear about how you want to FEEL about everything you do in your life. The Desire Map is holistic life planning and that’s what I’m all about with my work helping therapists and helping professionals.

The Desire Map

The process of goal setting is so important, in order to intentionally make life happen rather than waiting around just wishing and hoping. And once your goals are clearly identified it’s time to create an action plan. I have tried many a planner in my day and most of them end up in a pile covered in dust because they didn’t work for me. Then I found this action planner and everything has fallen into place in terms of my best system for putting my goals into action with a plan and a planner that work. There is a section for the to-do list but then right next to that is a place to note what and to whom you can DELEGATE! Scheduling and project organization is there all in a well organized format. Go check out the layout at the link below.

Action Planner

Be sure you’ve got all the steps down in order to make life happen.

Step 1: Dream. Envision. Feel into how you want to feel in your life every day so that your career and your personal life meld together in one harmonious and joyful experience.

Step 2: Set those goals. Envision exactly what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Write it down. Share with someone who will cheer you on as to what you want to accomplish.

Step 3: Create an action plan. In order to make life happen you have to have a plan! Set deadlines for yourself. Build a system of accountability by using a planner and calendar that you consult every morning and throughout your day. Delegate actions that need to get done but can be done by helpers.

In order to make life happen you have to follow all three steps in that particular order.  To see your life and career unfold with intention and joyful realization that you have created this life for yourself, you have to know where you are headed, have a map and commit to your course ahead.

Need help? Check out my Career Navigation Program for therapists, coaches and helping professionals. I’d love to help you on your journey.