organizational systemsI remember when I first met Liz Gray, LCSW, RPT about two years ago. She volunteered out of the blue to help me with a major organizational systems project I had announced I would be doing for my play therapy community on Facebook. Liz told me she loves doing those kinds of projects and jumped in head first. She immediately created an efficient way to get the project done. I was impressed.

Later, when Liz participated in my 90 day mentoring master mind group, I noticed her passion for creating organizational systems. I decided to hire her to help me with some more projects.

I’ve learned that being organized requires having systems.

As Liz got to know all the other therapists in my various therapist community groups, she noticed there were many therapists in private practice in dire need of organizational systems.

These observations led her to launch Organize Your Private Practice.  Liz helps therapists assess where they need help and then trouble-shoots their overwhelm and disorganization challenges with systematic steps to creating order.

Once you plug into new systems you will find that your time and energy are much more efficiently managed, your mood improves and you’re able to focus more on the clinical work you came into the field to do. (You can join Liz’s free community on Facebook here).

You can better manage your time, energy and space with organizational systems!

On Friday October 19, 2018 I will be hosting Liz on a live webinar called  Ethics of Having Order & Organization in the Process of Play Therapy. Today, in this article, I’m going to give you a peek behind the curtain.

Below, I share 3 of the many organizational systems Liz will be teaching about on the webinar. You can begin implementing these systems right away.

In the live webinar, Liz and I will present why organizational systems are an ethical issue. Organizing your equipment, your therapy space, your record keeping and other private practice elements is essential to providing your clients with an optimal therapy experience.

3 Organizational Systems for Your Private Practice

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1. Don’t SweatThe Small Stuff. Organize it!

This plastic chest of drawers is just the right size to store all your small stuff in an organized fashion.  When you first buy it you’ll see the drawers are transparent.

You can keep them that way or you can get creative and fancify your version as Liz Gray has done in the video below.

This chest pictured to the left can be found on Amazon at this link for roughly $30 or you can hunt one down at your local home supply store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

The drawers are smaller than shoe boxes. You can use them for sand tray figures, other small toys for play therapy, all of your office supplies, tools, and all those other little objects that need a home in your office. You can use a label maker in order to know what items belong in each drawer.

Liz created a brief tutorial video on how to create and utilize your own “tool kit” with snazz. See below!

2. Encrypt Electronic Files with Sookasa. 

The days of piles of paper and files are behind us. Technology today makes it a snap to go all electronic. For scanning, uploading and storing client art work or other documents, you make want to check out this system called Sookasa.

Sookasa provides a layer of encryption protection helping you you sustain HIPAA compliance when using Dropbox cloud storage.

This system provides multiple functionalities like encryption, audit controls, role-based access and automatic log-off which are requirements for HIPAA compliance.

Sookasa will sign a Business Associate Agreement to ensure you are using a HIPAA compliant means of storing confidential client info. You can scan and upload client artwork, photographs of sand trays, or other therapy related documentation.

Although you can have Protected Health Information in files themselves, just make sure you don’t include PHI in the file names

The great news is that it only costs $10/month. PLUS, you will get $10 off if you sign up with Liz Gray’s partner link right HERE.

Scan and upload your client in-session work and any other documents and then shred, recycle and you’re done!

3. Easy Storage and Access of Handouts or Intervention Resources. 

Even with all the above-mentioned electronic storage systems, there are some paper items you will likely need. You may want to share a feelings chart with a client.

There will be times you want to give parents an article to read while in the waiting room during a play therapy session. If you’re providing couples counseling, you may have diagrams or information graphics to share with clients.

You might collect creative intervention options for various presenting issues to have at your finger tips. An example I have is my photocopied pages of perfect circles for creating mandalas and pre-drawn outlines of “ginger bread” people for various interventions.

These items can be preserved, stored and easily accessed by organizing them into plastic sleeves in a binder. You can create a table of contents and tabbed sections for quick access. Alternately, you can laminate the papers, which will allow you to write on them with with dry erase markers and used over and over again. You can find a laminating machine for your office here.


These are just 3 of the MANY organizational systems Liz will be introducing in the live webinar coming October 19, 2018.
You can learn more about what to expect and reserve your seat HERE.

If you’d like to know more about Liz Gray’s organization consultation sessions and services you can visit Organize Your Private Practice.