A holistic approach to helping individuals, couples and professionals grow.


Counseling for children, adults and couples


Consultation and mentoring for therapists


Tools and expertise you need to create the career & life you want

Play Therapy

Therapy, Training, Supervision & Practice Building

All services are from a Holistic Developmental Model

Personal and professional growth are best fostered with support and consideration for where you are in relationship to your Self, others, past and present.

I choose to see that you are going to grow, change and heal by addressing the wholeness of who you are, your relationships, your mind-set and your daily habits.

Wonders Counseling & Consulting offers counseling, coaching, consultation and training, helping clients and professionals grow, heal and thrive.

Personal and Professional Growth

If you are seeking counseling or coaching support, I will help you identify clearly where you are now and how you’d like your life to change and grow.

Professional  training and consultation support with me will meet you where you are and prepare you to grow beyond in order to get to where you want to be in your play therapy career.

To learn more about how Wonders Counseling & Consulting can help you, your relationships, or your professional development, contact me.

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Support and Care for Elderly Family Members

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