play therapy training




Hosted by Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS




Presented by: Amy Reamer, LMFT, RPT, CTA, CTP




This RECORDED WEBINAR is a two hour play therapy workshop and an opportunity to learn interventions for self-regulation developed by Amy Reamer. Amy uses the concept of certain animals in conjunction with neuroscience as a part of play therapy with young children, teens, adults and even with couples and parents as a very useful tool.




Amy published a book called “Toby the Tiger Tamer” so that other professionals and parents would have a tool to use with their clients and children. School counselors, occupational therapists, foster care social workers and others have found it helpful in explaining the brain to children. Based on her book, this workshop provides training on how to use these play therapy interventions that are are non-judgmental, non-shaming, and empowering. They provide a tool for effective communication. Trauma takes a toll on self confidence and an overactive Tiger continues that cycle.




Learning Objectives:




  1. Participants will receive a basic understanding of the role the amygdala/limbic system, hippocampus and
    cortex have in emotion regulation and how this is especially important when working with child clients in play therapy.
  2. Participants will receive a new psychoeducational tool for child clients and their parents as part of the play therapy process.
  3. Participants will develop an ability to communicate comfortably with child clients and parents in play therapy about the brain using theTiger/Owl concept during the play therapy process.
  4. Participants will receive at least 3 ideas of how to use these tools in play therapy under different therapy modalities.




WHEN? Anytime, anywhere! This is a downloadable video presentation and power point presentation.




CE HOURS? This webinar counts for 2 NON-CONTACT play therapy training hours approved by Association for Play Therapy toward your RPT credential (APT Approved Provider 12-321)




FEE and Registration? The fee is $40



To register CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to another website where all of my recorded workshops are housed so that you can have immediate access to your quiz and certificate upon completion of your course!