Preschool Teacher Training & Support

child blowing bubblesI provide preschool teacher training & support for early childhood educators on subjects that relate to the emotional and social development of children from infancy to age 6.  In these workshop I seek to help teachers to obtain new skills and inspiration for the work they do with children.  Currently, I work closely with Primrose Schools providing workshops, in-class observation and coaching services for early childhood educators.

Workshops I have developed and have available for teacher training include:

  • Encouraging Children in the Classroom: How to empower children to cooperate, participate and learn
  • Helping Children Find Calm and Focus
  • Learning Styles Theory: Children learn in different ways
  • Classroom Management: Finding balance between structure and freedom of expression
  • Emotion Education: Helping children learn to recognize, express and manage emotion in the classroom
  • Teacher Care: Relaxation, stress management and self care training for teachers

Please contact me if you would like to speak about having me conduct a training for your school.

Onsite Preschool Evaluations/Interventions and Emotion Education Programs

Since 2003 I have been working in preschool classrooms providing on-site behavioral observations, an emotion education program, therapeutic services and training for preschool teachers. Since the beginning of my career, I have observed a special focus on supporting preschool age children through play therapy services and their parents through parenting consultation and training.

As in all of the work I do, I bring mindfulness practice to young children at an age-appropriate level to help them develop an awareness of their own bodies in space, their emotions and their relationships with friends, teachers and families. I help teachers increase awareness and insight around the purpose in all children’s behavior, how to cultivate deeper levels of patience and how to assist children’s emotion-learning. Mindful parenting is a large focus of mine, assisting parents in developing a plan for parenting with clarity of aim and tools to have on hand.

I am currently developing a specialized certification training for other therapists to become preschool service providers on site utilizing my comprehensive preschool emotion and behavior program.

I have been recently selected to be the emotion and behavior specialist the Primrose Schools 360 Parenting program and will be writing and publishing a different blog article each month for parents and teachers in the Primrose Schools community.

On site observations are available for scheduling. Preschool emotion education program as a curriculum will be available again for Fall 2013.


Preschool Emotion Education Program is a program I developed in 2003 and have implemented in preschool classrooms. I now train therapists to be on-site facilitators of this program in the preschool classroom and I train preschool teachers on how to provide emotion coaching for children to encourage higher levels of emotional intelligence. My program is based on the research and writing of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. Watch this video to get an idea of what emotion coaching is all about.