Play Therapy & Custody Battles CE Workshops

supervisor notesAs a therapist myself who has experienced and endured many cases that have involved high levels of conflict between parents, custody battles and court involvement, having appeared in court more times than I can count (and lived to tell about it) I am making it my mission to educate therapists on how to be prepared, how to avoid the pitfalls of these cases and how to preserve the integrity of the therapeutic experience for the child therapy 3

After a particularly intense year-long experience I had with one very difficult case ins 2016, I decided to write a book for therapists about the family court system and how we as therapists are often vulnerable to the complexities of these high conflict custody cases. That book will be published in 2018.

I am also offering a collection of special CE workshops that are recorded and approved by APT for play therapy continuing education hours.legalethics

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secretary-1536930_1280Play Therapy & The Initial Parent Phone Call: Screening for Appropriate Fit

That initial phone call with a prospective or potential child client is perhaps the most important point in determining appropriateness for play therapy services with you. In this one hour recorded workshop I will teach you how to look for red flags, how to listen for what the parent is and is not telling you and how to know when it’s best to refer the client to another therapist or agency. Without this knowledge, many therapists have found themselves stepping into a “hot water” or very messy situations where they are later pulled into court or faced with a parent who demonstrates splitting behavior when the parent does not approve of the therapeutic feedback or direction you may provide.

This workshop counts for 1 hour of APT approved non-contact play therapy training.

To purchase as a stand alone workshop the FEE is: $20

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parentintakePlay Therapy & The 90 Minute Initial Parent Intake


The parent intake session could be the most important session you will conduct in the process of play therapy.

What you ask and what you say in the initial parent intake session is critically important for case conceptualization, treatment planning and establishing important boundaries, policies and protocols. All of this is CRUCIAL in cases that involve custody and high conflict between parents.

These first 2 sessions are when you gather VERY important information for assessment and subsequent planning purposes.

This provides 1.5 hours of APT approved non-contact play therapy training.

What you will learn and what you will receive from this training:

1. How to establish initial rapport with parents and set parents as ease
2. Questions to ask to gather history and systemic information critically important to your plan for treatment
3. How to listen for what is not being said.
4. How to handle “curve balls” thrown by parents in the session
5. How to screen for history of or active abuse and addiction.
6. Receive a template for information gathering.
7. Review case scenarios.

You will receive two forms to use in the Play Therapy Intake Session along with a PowerPoint presentation. A verbal quiz will be administered at the end.

This workshop counts for 1.5 hours of non-contact APT approved play therapy training hours.

To purchase this workshop as stand alone the FEE is $29.

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family in fieldPlay Therapy and Parents

When working with child clients using play therapy it is essential we have a good relationship with the child’s parents. Often parents don’t understand what we are doing in the play room or don’t know how to support the work we are doing with their children. Many play therapists have not received training on the ins and outs of how to interact with and involve parents in the play therapy process. When there is high conflict between parents or custody issues looming, it is very important to know how to create and maintain rapport with parents of child clients.

This two hour pre-recorded workshop via tele-seminar (audio only) will provide 2 hours of non-contact play therapy training – APT Provider #12-321

Receive Helpful Tips and New Ideas on How To:
How to Talk to Parents about Play Therapy
Develop Protocols and Policies for Parents
Involve Parents in Play Therapy Sessions
Provide Parenting Guidance With Savvy
Keep Parents Invested in Bringing Children to Play Therapy!

If you would like to purchase this as a stand alone workshop your Fee: $35

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Play Therapy with High Conflict Divorce and Custody Cases

Children are suffering as a result of parental high conflict, divorce and custody battles.

Providing play therapy for children whose parents are embroiled in a high conflict divorce and/or custody case is not for the faint of heart. With the proper skills set, clear polices and protocols and and an understanding of the intricacies and complexities of these kinds of cases a therapist who provides play therapy services will be prepared to avoid common pitfalls and keep the focus on helping the child through this very difficult time. boy-hiding

Often therapists get in over their head because they aren’t properly trained to work with these intractable families. This 4 hour workshop will provide a solid foundation of practical knowledge and guidance on how to use play therapy effectively while also knowing how to manage parents, guardians ad litem, lawyers and court if necessary.

This workshop is ripe with supportive information including copies of my proprietary documents including my policy forms and my informed consent to cases involved in litigation as well as numerous resources and case scenarios based on real life cases.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Therapists will learn how to screen during the initial play therapy intake for the vital information that might otherwise be withheld.
  2. Therapists will learn how to ensure they know what their role is and what it is not.
  3. Therapists will learn how to set an maintain firm boundaries to protect the process of the play therapy.
  4. Therapists will learn about the concept of parental alienation, gate-keeping, polarization and loyalty conflict. They will learn how to identify these elements and how to manage the therapeutic process when these have been identified.
  5. Therapists will learn specific ways to keep the play therapy clinical record.
  6. Therapists will learn how to remain neutral even in the face of being pulled by parents, attorneys and sometimes the Guardian ad Litem who has bias.
  7. Therapists will learn how to best use play therapy in helping children whose parents are going through high conflict divorce and/or custody battles.

If you’d like to purchase this workshop as a stand alone training your Fee: $85

(APT Approved Provider # 12-321)

4 hours of Non-Contact Play Therapy Training for the recorded workshop.

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legalethicsEthical and Legal Protocols for Play Therapy

This recording of a two hour live tele-workshop is for play therapists in private practice AND for those who provide direction of services. We will cover in detail the most ethically and legally sound way to gain informed consent, maintain the clinical record and create consistent protocols for how to handle subpoenas, how to communicate with attorneys and guardians ad litem, how to prepare for court, how to handle video recording sessions and how to interact with parents/custodial guardians. These protocols are based on interviews and consultation with attorneys, licensed psychologists who serve as custody evaluators in Georgia and guardians ad litem in Georgia. The information in this workshop does NOT consist of or substitute for legal advice and all participants are responsible for consulting with their own legal representative and/or professional liability insurance carrier in the case legal advice is needed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn specific protocols for communications with attorneys and guardians ad litem.
  2. Participants will learn specific protocols for communications with parents/custodial guardians and keeping clarity as the ethics of the role of therapist.
  3. Participants will learn how to respond to a subpoena and how to prepare for court.

(2 hours of non-contact play therapy training – APT Approved Provider 12-321 – Note this is NOT for licensing renewal)

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Fee: $35

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Play Therapy & Court: Be Prepared!

This one hour workshop provides a brief but impactful overview of what you need to know to be prepared for appearing in court and testifying as a play therapist.

Learning objectives:

Participants will receive overview of how to be prepared for court testimony by the following:

  1. Properly respond to subpoena
  2. Prepare your Play Therapy General File (definition, research)
  3. Prepare your CV to be established as an expert
  4. Prepare a Summary of Treatment
  5. Dress, Arrive Early, Focus, Proper Speech & Posture
  6. Prepare to be qualified as an expert
  7. How to handle questions on Direct and Cross Examination

This workshop counts for 1 hour of non-contact play therapy training (APT Approved Provider #12-321)

If you wish to purchase this as a stand alone workshop your Fee: $20

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Play Therapy & Custody Battles BUNDLE

Purchase all SIX play therapy CE workshops for a total of 11.5 APT Approved continuing education hours toward your RPT (or renewal) and be well prepared to work with cases involving divorce and custody for a special reduced fee of $196 (saving 20% off stand alone purchase pricing). 

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