Play Therapy Across the Lifespan 3 Hour Tele-seminar

play for all agesPlay Therapy Across the Life Span

This 3 hour recorded tele-seminar provides 3 hours of non-contact play therapy training approved by APT.

In this workshop you will be led through the 8 stages of human development and learn how you can use play therapy with people of ALL AGES! You will receive specific interventions and ideas for treatment plans involving play regardless of the age of your client.

Learning Objectives:

1.You will develop a foundational understanding of the nature of play therapy and its benefits for clients of all ages.

2.You will receive an overview and application of the 8 Developmental Stages of Human Development & how play can be therapeutic at all stages.

3.You will learn how various theoretical orientation can utilize play through evidence-based interventions..

4.You will receive an overview of play therapy skills they can begin using with clients right away.

When you order this workshop you will receive a link to an audio recorded tele-seminar along with a power point presentation and a quiz to complete after listening to the workshop. Submit your quiz back to my registration coordinator and if answers are correct you will receive your certificate. If answers are incorrect you will be notified and given opportunity to correct.

Fee: $45

Order your 3 hour tele-seminar by following the link on the button below which will take you to JenTaylorPlayTherapy where my recorded trainings are now housed! Your quiz and certificate will be automatically available to you after completing your online course.