Personal Peace & Professional Success: 8 Week Class for Helping Professionals

chill-1839604_1280So you’re a helping professional longing for balance between a very successful private practice and a blissful personal life.

If you’re like me, you want the kind of success that leaves you feeling at EASE, no longer worrying. Relaxed knowing your business is humming along while your self care and personal life is intact, breezing along nicely.

If this is you, I hope you will read what I have to share very closely because I have something really potent to share with you here. . .

Conscious directed thinking + deep relaxation for the central nervous system and body + specific action  = Alignment with your life’s purpose = Personal Peace & Professional Success.

The definition of SUCCESS is actually when you are living in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Your life’s purpose is the WHY you do what you do professionally AND personally. It’s the WHY of your work. It’s the motivation behind and under the way you are in ALL of your relationships.

But getting to that place of peace, balance, fulfillment is not as quick and easy as it sounds,

Here’s the thing. Most coaches and therapists understand mindset work (cognition, beliefs etc.) And most coaches and therapists in private practice know how to commit to business-action.

But most coaches and therapists do not know how to deeply relax on a regular basis because they are hooked into feelings of frustration, worry, resentment, irritation and other heavy emotions.

Getting your mind and body to a relaxed state WHILE you’re working (rather than waiting until you can take a bubble bath or lie on the beach) is ESSENTIAL to lasting success in your business.

For 24 years I have been practicing and teaching a very specialized, unique form of meditation. Right along with that, I also have practiced and taught a very specific kind of yoga that has nothing to do with a mat, down-dog or having to go to a class at your local studio.

The yoga I know is called Jhana Bhakti Yoga (pronounced”yawna” “bock-tee) which is focused on taking information/knowledge and combining with a reverent and dedicated practice to working with emotions (because we all have emotions).

Through meaningful discussion along with very particular meditation techniques that you will not find at a yoga studio, I help people cultivate a mind-shifting experience of deep peace and line up with their purpose for being on the planet.

And here is why it’s so important for those who ARE ready….

When we get hooked by the behavior, actions and words of others, we typically experience an internal reaction.

When we are hooked and internally reacting we are unable to experience deep relaxation which is necessary for being aligned and in balance.

See if this is you…

Do you get frustrated and find yourself fuming at what others are saying and doing online or in your in-person experiences?

Notice your buttons get pushed easily?

Ever feel overwhelmed by the difficult emotions?

Angry. Frustrated. Indignant. Resentful. Irritated. Maybe even Irate?

You may notice that your feelings bubble over quickly.

Everyone has reacted from those feelings at some time and then said something we later wish we hadn’t said.

And sometimes you find yourself stuck and stewing. Yes, even coaches and therapists have trouble “regulating” emotions because we are HUMAN.

All of us become hooked into reacting in ways that can become habits that actually block us from having the peace, ease, prosperity and joy we actually really want in our lives.

And here’s the thing. . .This kind of reactivity can wreak havoc on our businesses and our personal relationships.

This kind of reactivity prevents us from experiencing the deep relaxation we NEED as part of the equation for success.

Remember the equation?

Conscious directed thinking + deep relaxation for the central nervous system and body + specific action  = Alignment with your life’s purpose = Personal Peace & Professional Success.

So, what happens when you CAN see clearly all the ways in which you get hooked in these habitual reactions?

What if you could learn specific techniques to un-hook yourself and learn how it feels to breeze through the rough patches of private practice business and personal life?

All the strategies for building business won’t work for you if you haven’t yet learned how to un-hook yourself from reactivity triggers and master your emotions.

Since 1995 using a combination of ancient Eastern practices along with all the cutting-edge psychology and brain science, I’ve been helping people to un-hook and quickly grow an inner resource of calm.

Now I am teaching and mentoring my fellow therapists and coaches who realize the importance of mastering their minds and emotions.

For the first time I’m taking my secret sauce to the internet.

Instead of gathering a group in a studio or living room space in a circle as I have since 1995, I am gathering a group via modern technology and leading dharma (life’s purpose) discussion and teaching jhana bahkti yoga (breath, meditation, mental focus.

My first online class for therapists and coaches starts Thursday June 1 for eight Thursdays for one hour at 7:00 pm Eastern time zone (New York/Atlanta).

PLUS there will be daily support in a private Facebook community.

I have 20 seats.

All you have to do is block off that hour, find a quiet space with internet connectivity and dial into my video conference room AND commit to 20 minutes of practice every morning. C’mon. You can carve out 20 minutes if it means your entire life will line up and you’ll feel profound and lasting PEACE and success in your life and business.

$320 for 8 weeks plus daily support in our community group.

We start June 1.


1. Email with subject line 8 WEEK CLASS PLEASE — I will email you the access link and everything you need for your 8 week class to your email.
2. Pay via this link:

**note there will be no refunds so don’t register unless you are fully committed. You need to attend at least 6 of the 8 classes and you will need to practice every morning for 20 minutes to get the most out of the course.**

QUESTIONS? Of course! Please contact me directly and let’s chat about whether this class is a good fit for you!