Parenting Support and Training

parenting support

Parenting can feel overwhelming at times.

While there are many books available on the subject of parenting, I hear from many parents that they don’t have time to read a book much less learn how to apply new techniques while in the trenches! At any time, the stresses of parenting can get the best of anyone. Parenting support is available with our skilled and caring counselors.

Parenting consultations are private sessions in which parents come to my office to discuss and learn how to deal with their particular challenges of parenthood with very specific guidance and resources.

I combine philosophies and skills training that are rooted in hope and based on positive and solution–based theories.

I believe in empowering parents in a positive and encouraging way to see this job of parenting as purposeful and to embrace it with greater consciousness.

I teach parents how to work with the emotions of their children and themselves in a way that brings about more meaningful connections and healthy development for the children as well as the whole family.


I have been providing parenting support, workshops and private consultation since 2001 and consider this to be some of the most profound work I have seen affect entire families in a most positive way.