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I am Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS, DCC

Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS, DCC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor

Distance Certified Counselor

All of my services are  from a holistic model…

I believe in providing  my clients with practical guidance and tools in support of career, personal or relationship growth. 

I choose to see that you are going to grow, change and heal  by addressing the wholeness of  who you are, your relationships, your mind-set and your daily habits.

Through Wonders Counseling & Consulting offers clinical services for clients from  the metro Atlanta area and many clients choose to participate in distance counseling from the far reaches of Georgia.  Additionally, I provide parenting coaching, training and consultation as well as professional development mentoring, supervision and consultation to therapists. 

I help my clients find balance and growth through evidence-based methods that are natural and facilitative.

I believe in helping clients experience relief and results from counseling, coaching or consultation.

Professional support can prepare you to grow beyond where you are and get to where you want to be. 

Please take time to read through this website and contact me personally so we can talk briefly about how I can help  you, your professional development or your relationships.

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