Mindfulness in Play Therapy

child blowing sandThis 4.5 hour recorded workshop provides 4.5 hours of APT approved non-contact play therapy training hours. Mindfulness practice has been proven in recent empirical studies to have meaningful and significant improvements to brain function in adults and it, therefore, seems common sense for therapists to learn not only how to practice more mindfulness themselves but to introduce mindfulness to children through play therapy.

During this training, participants will have an opportunity to learn about the practice and philosophy of mindfulness and how it relates to play therapy with child clients. Mindfulness practice includes breath exercises, simple, playful child-friendly exercises and other relaxation techniques. This workshop provides specific training in how to adapt these techniques to working with child clients in play therapy. These techniques incorporated into directive play therapy will help children to increase focus and awareness of body, breath and thoughts. Mindfulness practice in play therapy provides skills for children to feel empowered adaptively, to self soothe when anxious, to have choice in terms of which of their thoughts they will follow and believe and how they can help themselves to bring calm as needed. All of these techniques are introduced in an experiential platform and in a playful manner so that play therapists can learn first-hand how to practice these skills and how to apply them in the play room to help play therapy clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the general philosophy and practice of “mindfulness” in every day life and how this practice assists play therapists in being more present with child clients in the play room.
  2. Learn a minimum of 10 play techniques to utilize in the play room to assist child clients with increasing somatic and breath awareness.
  3. Learn a minimum of 5 relaxation techniques adapted for children ages 3-11 to assist child clients in developing skills for self-soothing.
  4. Experience relaxation exercises and play techniques first-hand to see how these techniques have a direct effect on increased awareness of thoughts, body sensations and control of breath to soothe the nervous system.

4.5 Non-contact play therapy training hours with APT Approved Provider #12-321

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