Couples Counseling in Marietta

couples counseling marietta, gaWe offer a unique approach to couples counseling.

We combine effective tools from several models of relationship therapy rooted in the extensive relationship research of John Gottman, PhD. Lynn Louise Wonders has trained at advanced levels with Drs. John and Julie Gottman and with this as a basis, also incorporates elements of Adlerian Couples Counseling and Imago Relationship Therapy.

The Adlerian and Imago approach to couples counseling fit ideally with the research-based methods of Drs. John and Julie Gottman. With Adlerian theory we can identify what drives and motivates behaviors in relationship and with the Gottman methods we are able to identify the very specific ways couples are interacting (or not interacting) which may be causing damage to the relationship so we can turn that around.  With Imago techniques we are able to support a whole new way of relating and communicating that is adaptive and effective. We see consistently positive outcome and results from our counseling programs with couples.

In order for couples to see the results they desire from relationship counseling, we have a unique system for ensuring commitment to the therapy process prior to entering into therapy. While clients always maintain autonomy and are free to leave counseling, the Commitment Contract we require provides a structure and a level of commitment that enables the clients and therapists to achieve the goals of relationship therapy.

Here are the couples counseling programs we have available:

The Relationship Check Up

This program includes a thorough, research-based assessment and a series of three 90 minute sessions over a three week period. We meet with the couple together first, then we meet with both partners individually, dividing the second session into 45 minute segments. couples counseling marietta, ga  In our third session together your therapist will share an assessment of where the strengths are in the relationship as well as the trouble areas and we will discuss a plan of action. At this point some couples are strong enough to go on and utilize the resources we provide on their own very successfully. Many other couples benefit from moving forward with at least 6 counseling sessions and optimally 12 sessions with plenty of practical, helpful “homework” in between sessions.

All couples sessions are 90 minutes rather than the traditional 50 minutes in order to afford couples ample time to process issues and practice new tools.

The Relationship Repair & Remedy

When the waters of the relationship are troubled, whether there has been a betrayal or a pattern of high conflict, and we have established where the strengths and the weaker areas are in the relationship through the initial assessment, we can move into this program which consists of a commitment to 6 sessions preferably meeting every week. During each session we will work together to identify the patterns of behavior that are damaging the relationship and practice antidotes for these behaviors. Couples will experience meaningful opportunity to explore feelings, desires and needs in the warmth and safety of my office and this program. Between sessions, couples have “homework” that will couples counseling marietta gahelp repair and re-mediate prior damage and begin a new way of relating and connecting. Some couples choose to extend these counseling additional sessions after completing the 6 session program.


Pre-Marriage Counseling

couples counseling marietta gaThis is a specialized counseling program we provide that consists of four 90 minute sessions over 4 weeks in which we explore a bank of important questions that really need to be visited before making the life-long commitment to marriage. Through the process of exploring these questions, we assist couples in learning a few tricks and tools that will bolster their connection from the beginning and help them navigate conflict when it arises. Fun and enriching “homework” is assigned for couples to complete between sessions.


Relationship Enrichment Counseling

This program is for couples who have a solid relationship but may have hit a few bumps in the road or simply want to deepen, enrich or spice up their relationship. We offer this program as a series of four 90 minute sessions over an 6 week period. During this program we will explore newcouples counseling ways of communicating, ways to spice up the fun of being in a relationship and discover tools for deepening and enriching the experience of the relationship.


Peaceful Divorce Counseling

When couples decide to go their separate ways, we encourage them to enter into a counseling program to assist in the process of ending the marriage. Especially if children are involved, the relationship does not end with divorce, rather it changes form. We support couples through the process of making this transition. We believe in working with divorcing parents in a collaborative process. This program is a structured weekly schedule of eight 90 minute sessions over 6 weeks in which we first work through the pain of the separation and then shift focus to how to move forward with very specific tools and resources.

We provide a space for couples that is compassionate and non–judging, allowing couples to express and explore the patterns within the relationship with an aim at improving and enriching future experience. The goal for all couples counseling whether entering a marriage, strengthening a marriage, or ending a marriage, is to build on respect for Self and Other as well as honoring the relationship itself in whatever stage it is in. Greater clarity, quality of communication, and vision for the relationship are the focal points.

Paying for Couples Counseling


Investing in couples counseling is an investment in your relationship and your family. We believe that making that monetary investment is a representation of that commitment which we take very seriously.

We provide an initial phone consultation with both of you together on a conference call so that each can feel comfortable with your therapist. This initial phone consultation is at no fee because we believe ensuring fit for all parties is very important.  This consultation over the phone is up to 30 minutes.

A Commitment Contract will be emailed to you along with other new client electronic “paperwork” for you to review. The Commitment Contract enables you as a couple to make a promise to one another, yourselves and your therapist that you will attend 6 sessions within 12 weeks’ time with payment for the sessions in full at a rate that is discounted from our standard session rate. If at any time during that 12 week phase either party wishes to discontinue counseling before the 6 sessions are completed, we have a system and agreement in place to reimburse parties the balance of unpaid sessions minus the sessions already utilized at the full session rate.

We do accept all major credit cards and we do provide statements for your counseling coded for your insurance company in the case you wish to submit for out of network services.

If you would like to schedule a 30 minute consultation with a therapist please fill out our contact form and be sure to include your telephone number. We will be in touch within 24 hours.