Counseling Support for Women


counseling for womenPrivate, individual counseling for women is offered in a compassionate and non–judging space where clients are able to express and explore patterns of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that may be blocking them from feeling a sense of balance and contentment in their lives.

Many women come to counseling in order to find support through life-changes such as death of a loved one, divorce, parenting issues or to explore their own sense of self through personal growth counseling.

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Through introspective conversation, verbal examination, awareness of the body’s messages, mindfulness, written exercises, and many other creative methods, we help women find ways to transcend self–defeating thoughts and behaviors and embrace new and more liberating perspectives and actions.

Whether unresolved pain of the past, parenting issues, loss of a loved one, divorce, difficulty managing emotions, anxiety, depression, or a desire to deepen one’s connections with self and others, counseling for women is an opportunity for us to meet clients where they are and provide support for developing a new way of seeing and moving through life.

Mind-body awareness is often used in helping women examine how the challenges of life are affecting them so they can then learn to utilize techniques of relaxation, breath awareness, nutritional consideration, conscious shifts in thought patterns in order to experience relief and change.

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Holistic Wellness and Life-Redesign Mentoring Services for Women Over 40

Some women benefit from holistic wellness and life-redesign mentoring rather than therapy services.

There is a definite distinction.counseling for women

Mentoring clients have a life-style focus and specific goals that relate to changes they are working toward in career, relationship, spiritual growth, nutrition, sleep, exercise and personal-growth.

Therapy clients typically are grappling with issues related to past or present experiences and/or relationships which are disrupting ability to function in daily life.

Mentoring clients are functioning quite well in daily life,  but wish to get help in making specific changes often related to the way they are leading their lives in terms of career, weight release, spiritual exploration, improving habits in daily life that yield greater sense of well-being.

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