Coaching Services



Where counseling services provides opportunity for clients to heal and grow through difficult challenges, coaching services are an opportunity to learn specific skills and resources to achieve a specific goal.If a client is struggling with mental health issues or is processing any level of trauma, counseling is the more appropriate service.


Why hire a a licensed therapist for coaching services?

  • As a licensed therapist with a masters degree in psychology and professional counseling you can rest assured your coach has had a high level of ongoing training in psychology, human development and interpersonal skills.
  • A therapist who is providing coaching is skilled in knowing which service is more appropriate for a client. We provide a careful screening process to ensure right fit.

Coaching can be done at a distance!

I offer coaching in my offices in East Cobb OR I often meet with people for coaching via phone or video conferencing. With technological advances we are now able to have real-time meetings from wherever we happen to be which is convenient and efficient.

Life Coaching vs. Counseling?

Where counseling provides a session to session process of addressing emotional and mental struggles with ongoing assessment and planning according to progress, LIFE COACHING is for clients who have specific goals they wish to address. With LIFE COACHING, you will receive one plan for a set amount of time with specific goals we will tackle together. Through LIFE COACHING, you will receive particular instruction on specific skills to assist you in meeting the goals you wish to achieve for your life. It might be relationship related, career focused, or wellness oriented. We bring our skills and knowledge in the field of psychology and weave them into a laser-focused plan to help you get your life on track with measurable results! 30, 60 and 90 day coaching packages are available.

Parenting Coaching

Children are not born with instruction manuals. Parenting can be the toughest job there is. Reading books about parenting can help but nothing compares to receiving personalized parenting coaching from a child and parenting expert. We teach parenting strategies based in positive discipline and a strength-based approach.

College-Bound Coaching

For high school students who wish to prepare for college, our college-bound coaching services may be just the ticket. Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS served as Assistant Director of Admissions for a competitive private college early in her career and then went on to serve as an educational consultant for high school students and their parents before completing her masters degree and becoming a psychotherapist. Lynn provides coaching and consultation to high school students and parents beginning in the 9th grade through the middle of the senior year in high school to help students and parents prepare for the college application process and discern which college options are the best fit for the student.

Success & Business Coaching

As a certified Jack Canfield Success Coach and Trainer, Lynn Louise Wonders utilizes the Success Principles along with a customized plan to help entrepreneurs develop and implement a business plan that maps out the road to success. Lynn’s special twist in these coaching programs is that she shows business owners how to create and follow a self-care plan as part of the business plan in order to avoid burnout and experience greater efficiency and focus.

Stress Management Coaching

Everyone experiences stress. Left unmanaged, stress wreaks havoc on our health, relationships and business lives. Using a combination of relaxation skills, mind-set work and wellness strategies we provide stress management training and support so that after your coaching program is complete your mind and body are aligned, stronger, and more relaxed.

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