About Lynn and Wonders Counseling


About Wonders Counseling Services, LLC

Wonders Counseling Services, LLC was originally founded in 2012 when I sold my former group practice to a colleague in order to forge a new direction and focus for my work. Wonders Counseling was a small group practice, contracting with a number of highly skilled therapists and was under the umbrella of the Wonders Wellness Center.

In 2017, I (founder Lynn Louise Wonders) decided to return to a solo private practice where I am fully able to focus all of my time and energy on helping counseling clients, coaching clients and professionals with growth and positive change. I have shifted from owning and running a center to providing personalized services for therapy clients locally and professional colleagues and coaching clients worldwide.

Of all the counselors in East Cobb, my work is rather unique in that my services are provided from a holistic model appreciating that human beings grow and heal most effectively when we attend to the whole person, the environment and lifestyle habits and choices. I believe firmly in establishing a plan for self care in order for your growth and change to take root.

My offices provide an environment that is soothing to the senses, comforting and supportive of healing and growth.

My clients often report they feel more relaxed as soon as the enter my waiting room. I utilize soothing music, aromatherapy, and comfortable furnishings to help you to feel right at home.

About Lynn

Lynn Louise Wonders, LPC, RPT-S, CPCS, DCC, E-RYT

Lynn Louise Wonders, is in private practice with her companies Wonders Wellness, LLC  and Wonders Counseling Services, LLC providing counseling, coaching, consulting and profesional supervision and mentoring.

Lynn is a licensed professional counselor and a certified professional counselor supervisor in the state of Georgia. She is a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor and an APT Approved Provider (#12-321) of continuing play therapy education for therapists. She is an alumna of the Association for Play Therapy Leadership Academy and she leads a large community of play therapists online who are growing and developing their career in the field of play therapy. Lynn’s career began working with preschool age children and families using play-based interventions and went on to become a leader and trainer in the field of play therapy.

Additionally, Lynn has been trained at the advance level with Drs. John and Julie Gottman of the Gottman Institute in couples counseling along with training in Imago and Adlerian couples and family therapy. Lynn currently sees many couples through her specialized amalgam of therapeutic approaches to assisting couples in learning more effective means of connecting and communicating in a short-term therapy process.

Lynn also has trained with Jack Canfield, original co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles and has been certified as a Canfield Success Principles Coach & Trainer. She brings much of this work into her services in providing professional and business coaching and consultation for therapists and other helping professionals.

As  part of her own self care, Lynn was extensively trained and has taught and practiced yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and relaxation therapies over 20 years.  Her mind-body awareness approach to her work with clients helps clients to grow through their challenges more readily. She has been teaching the practice of mindfulness since long before it was such a well known topic of study and practice.

During Lynn’s career as a professional counselor, she has served as Family Services Director at an early childhood development center, implemented a successful emotion education program in preschools state-wide,  has owned and directed two thriving counseling centers, owned and operated a yoga studio and has served in numerous volunteer positions on the local, national and international levels. She still serves as the Early Childhood Specialist for Primrose Schools and contribute monthly to the popular Primrose Parenting Blog.

Lynn is the founder and director of Wonders Wellness Institute for Personal and Professional growth providing personal and professional mentoring and instruction for women in business. Read more here:  Wonders Wellness Institute. 

Please feel free to reach Lynn directly at 404-455-5805 or lynn@wonderscounseling.com