40 Play Therapy Techniques for the Anxious Child

Kara Holt - Play Therapy

40 Play Therapy Techniques with the Anxious Child

This three hour recorded tele-workshop will provide a tool-box of 40 effective directive play therapy interventions to use when working with child clients with anxiety with an essential foundation of client-centered tenets and practice. The interventions will be grouped into purposeful categories of 1) assessing & facilitating awareness 2) mastering thoughts & beliefs 3) self-soothing 4) empowerment/mastery. Participants will complete this workshop with a collection of practical, actionable interventions to assist anxious child clients and involve parents and families in the process. A quiz will be emailed to participants to complete before certificates are received.

Learning Objectives

1. Participants will learn how the foundational tenets of child-centered play therapy are essential to helping anxious children feel safe and free to later participate in directive play techniques.

2. Participants will learn 9 playful interventions for assessing and facilitating awareness of anxiety.

3. Participants will learn 8 playful interventions for mastering thoughts & beliefs.

4. Participants will learn 15 playful interventions for self soothing and calming the brain and body.

5. Participants will learn 8 playful interventions for helping child clients experience mastery over anxiety and an increased sense of self-confidence.

6. Participants will learn how to involve parents and families to support the process of helping child clients.

7. Participants will apply these interventions to fictional case scenarios

Fee: $45

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