Wonders Counseling Services is a part of Wonders Wellness, LLC – an online

AND brick-n-mortar center for support services, products, programs and training.

You  or your child may be going through challenges and transitions in life, feeling discouraged and having trouble leading a joyful and peaceful life.

You’ve come to the right place.rainbow

We are here to help you feel understood and to provide you support for making changes in mind, body and spirit.

Whether you choose to enter into counseling, attend a class or peruse the articles on this site, you will find that we focus on providing you encouragement and hope as well as practical guidance and tools for getting yourself to a place of greater balance, joy and peace.

Our services are from a wellness model… not a medical model.

We do not see people as “ill.”  We see people experiencing imbalance.

It is our work to help reinstate equilibrium and offer some new tools for living to have greater harmony and peace with self and others in life.

Counseling services can be for those who choose a journey of self discovery and growing through life-changes whether these changes are thrust upon them or by choice.

Private and group instruction in relaxation therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, and gentle yoga support the body and mind in working together to have a more relaxed and fulfilling life.

older woman in fieldWe believe clients of all ages  achieve greater balance emotionally when they attend to healthy body and mind.

We promote healthy nutritional focus, attention to physical fitness, healthy sleep routines and expanded awareness to thoughts and beliefs.


Please take time to read through our website and contact us so that we can assist you or your child.